Thursday, January 7, 2010

High school vocabulary test – Synonyms

Of the available words in the bracket, pick one that best represents the meaning of the bold-face word.

1. Kim only plays a passive role in the organizing committee. (inactive, proactive, unimportant)
2. That food has a peculiar smell. (strange, strong, bad)
3. All the products you are selling are up-to-date. (antique, cutting-edge, unique)
4. During the party, the beverage was inadequate. (ample, scarce, sufficient)
5. I will notify you as soon as everything is definite. (inform, inquire, verify)
6. We extend our condolences on Gusdur’s death. (praises, worries, pity)
7. Megawati is the offspring of a famous Indonesian politician. (ancestor, child, heir)
8. Your computer is already obsolete. (out of date, fashionable, updated)
9. That lunatic is scaring people away. (insane, jobless, scary)
10. She had some preliminary cross-cultural training before going overseas. (main, initial, secondary)
11. A gun is a lethal weapon. (deadly, legal, dear)
12. Everybody is prone to make mistakes when s/he is fatigue. (inclined, unlikely, easy) (tired, unhappy, mad)
13. When we went to Badui, we were warmly welcome by the local inhabitants. (natives, habitats, immigrants)